Packing always makes me sad.

Hey friends! Today and tomorrow will be the last days to get anything from my shop for a while. Will hopefully re-open in about a month or so! 💌

hi! can anyone recommend a good watercolor paper that doesn’t have too much texture?

Working on something with my gemini heart @lemaddy coming soon! 🌘

Did a little interview for Tigress, a cool girls mag.


Sunday zine party with….myself. And these flowers before they experience death by cat.

(via ghostghost)


Frankie magazine posted a lovely little feature about our zine on their blog. Check it out here

Thanks Frankie!

You’ll be the moon, I’ll be the earth


Still loving working with cyanotypes, ive been making lots of and lots of small and lovely things. i hope to start sharing them later in the week, but for now here is the first one i ever made x

i love these